Hammerzeit IV


Attention: This is a Multiplayer Network game. Unfortunately at the time beeing this means you are required to be on the same local area network as your opponent to play this game.

In this game two hackers (Player1 - Red, Player2 - Green) fight eachother over a limited amount of servers, on which they run their secret bitcoin farms. each battle is 5 Minutes, winner is who manages to get the most bitcoins within that time.

Servers have three sorts of upgrades: attack upgrade, defense upgrade, mining upgrade. Attack upgrades will make your server take over other servers faster, Defense upgrades will slow down attacks from other servers. Mining upgrades will make the server mine more.

To attack another Server click on your server, then Attack in the Servers Menu, and then on the target server.

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Team Wintermute

Peter Petermann
Peter Bozsoky
Andreas Schule