a game about bees



Global-e GameJam


Warning: this is the first release, which means the game is in the state as when the gamejam it was created on finished.

CONTROL: Use MOUSE WHEEL for ZOOMing. Use RIGHT MOUSE to PAN around or MOVE MOUSE TO EDGES to move around the map Use NUMBER KEYS 1 to 8 to SEND BEES to the designated point

On your TOP LEFT you have temperature scopes.

  • Temperature will go UP by 5 Degrees for each BEE over time (it wont be instant +5, but slowly getting to the final temperature).
  • A scope reaches 100% when the KILL TEMPERATURE for HORNETS is reached, which is at 50 Degrees in this game (more like 46 in real life).
  • BEEs DIE at 55 (47 to 50 in real life) Degrees, so be careful how many you put in a room!
  • One BEE in a room BLOCKS hornets from getting through
  • BEEs die after a while. There is nothing you can do about it, but you should be prepared for it to happen.
  • WHEN hornets reach YOUR Throne Room You lose.
  • you CANNOT win this in the long run.

GOAL: Kill as many Hornets as you can, by getting the temperature high enough.

Known Bugs:

  • The number next to the heat scopes is not highlighting when selected in the final build. WORKAROUND: use your eyes to see where the BEEs are going

Preview Video 1

Team BEEr

Peter Petermann
Tristan Boom
Gamedesign / Sound
Akari Aoba